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We seek stories of Black Alaskans that we will share through photos, videos and short essays created by our team. We want to hear from those whose stories are rarely told as well as those who already make the news. Everyday tales can be as compelling as extraordinary ones. We might feature the story of a new parent, a teacher or an entrepreneur who finally got the courage to put their idea in the marketplace.

Here is where you can submit contact information and highlights of your story or nominate someone whose story needs to be told. If your story is selected, the creative team will develop the visual package and write the complete story. A story sent in through this form won’t be published without further contact with you.

Stories must be true. The featured individual must be willing to be interviewed, photographed and filmed.

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You can support Black in Alaska by donating to the project fund held at The Alaska Community Foundation.

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Through storytelling, this project aims to dismantle stereotypes and create a deeper connection between the Black community and their fellow Alaskans. Please share these stories, photos and other media from Black in Alaska’s website,  and on Facebook and Instagram.

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